I wore my blue sleeved T-shirt
Of course I remember Amanda 
Saying it set the blue off in my eyes

I wore Karl Lagerfeld aftershave
Because it was Elaine’s favourite 
Designer that I had tried and liked it 
In the first place
I think Amanda said she adored the 
Smell of him on me

I had checked my crotch already
Weeks ago but I’d lost weight 
And gained muscle since then 
And I knew it showed

And didn’ I just know 
When reaching for the heavy file 
From my bag on the floor
That my newly built or exposed 
Muscle would show well

I realise all these things 
Thinking I am an honest chap
But it was Gwyn’s deceit 
Which showed me mine

Standing with her new shoes
And light outfit to show off
Her tan, twirling 
Though I didn’t notice 
Any girl 
Would have giggled at the show

I sucked it all up thinking, 
I was sneaking peaks

And when your breast 
Was squashed out of place 
By your arm pushing it into my face
I looked and I saw 
Just what you wanted me to