Tip toe eyes across a crowded room
I find my palm
Try to read like De Ja did
Ahead of time

But I’m floating
Past the easels and the painters
My bird sings.

Over shoulder white of eye
Knowing red hair
La la la’s,

Sunshine ladlefull
Table corner net curtained.
Whirlpool eddies

Sucking sands 
Rising tides
Glory shoulder high
Carried to the edge.

Salvaged hands of worthless hours
Wasted beautiful purpose
Sanding the hour-glass tornado slide both ways
Day and night 
Till it minutes 

Instants side by side
Which came first 
Which way down
All way high 
Try it back than aganagain.

Checking out the bomb run
For my place to land home to
Behind but reminding myself
Of the doom 
And the not so bright 
And might not ever.

Double troubled
Twice shy realise 
They have been staring
Since the start
A second ago
And still haven’t stopped
Since an hour ago,
Till now.

Broken by the connection smile
The spell lingers
A glance passing
She turns coyly in her cage
To the mirror

Dips her beak
Rearranges her hair
With fish eye vision
  Past The Easels and The Painters (Painting)