I felt
If I moved 
I might tear my heart out
And leave it there
Pumping out my feelings
Like a loose lipped whoopee cushions
Last fart
Before silicone ones took over,
Like my over soaked scrotum
Just out of a bath too hot
Too hot for bollocks work loose
While I sit there 
Machine life sapping out of my body
Mind trapped 
In a smoking skyscraper office block
Squabbling for oxygen driftwood
In the corridor trickle
That used to be my bloodstreams rush
To keep the fire burning inside
So someone can see the fire’s still burning
Because outside no one’s heard the alarm going off
To be in time
To do something
Before it’s too late
To care 
Any less
About all things
I never questioned really before
I got impailed here
And started wondering
What I would do if I had my life over again.
Impailed (The Movie)