Where are my pearl divers 
With balloon lungs
How long could they kiss 
With a blocked nose

Sand in the gravy teacup
Stirring anticlockwise 

Lego blue meets
Cement red
Round the brass ring
Plug hole 
In the floor
Clogged with matted sick hair

My fingers 
No taps 
Slide down 
Take nips
Pull where I get a hold

Separating fools gold
From the fag ash
And the gravel
Still loosing my teeth
My last foothold

My lip above this chin
Above this bottom lip
Remain as yours for the hook
As British

Half a world away
They brought the mountain 
Theme park hideout

Idle, this dinghy 
Slaps along 
In the washed out
Wake of a journey in progress
Timid, tempted not to believe
For no reason
Other than the pain 
Of peace
As prospect.

Curious like a 
Pac-man after dot
I am aware of
The ghosts
Of the changeling signs.

In my dream 
My car in reverse
Slides forward
Down the hill
Against the wall
With fin inevitable