I’m sitting as usual
In my place 
In my place
Staring out the window
At where the river will be.

On my telly 
There’s a telly 
Like me in my place
There just in case 
The first one breaks down.

On my telly,
A window on worlds happening
In my place
In front of my windows
On my world
Happening outside my windows.

I imagine a collapse
Thinking of all the other windows
Just in my estate
Watching me in my place

I’m drawn time and again
To the not there places
To the purity 
Of the dark on the ground

The face on the wall
Behind me
Like a mirror
Made of clouds
The sky the paint on my wallpaper
The ground my carpet
To the orange light parade.

Thinking more 
I turn my head
The other way up
Ground dark is night sky
With yellow orange stars
The night sky is flat ocean
Just the moment after sundown

My venetian blinds 
Come into focus
And I end up thinking 
Of Lions again
Caged ones
Half watching 
All worlds
Through the bricks between the windows.