Wear Duz It Awl End  

I was watching a programme on BBC2 about conspiracy theories they had one about how the building showed explosions 30 or 40 floors below the collapse, it was explained as the floors collapsing one on another forcing air and debris out the building windows they demonstrated the force of the collapse by showing a lump about ½ to ¾ of a metre thick like layered cake squashed into a recognisable lump.
They said this is the content and the whole 3 floors, there was a piece of printed paper sticking out of the lump

I thought, 'I would never equal the power of that lump in my sculpture.'

PR 18.2.07

(Text of note in sculpture)



Wear Duz It Awl End


Squashed water bottle, original hadwritten note, wooden plinth and 2 sketches (not shown)


The text on the left is part of the story of this sculpture, I had been crushing water bottles down, in a haphazard way, to save space before recycling.

After I had watched the programme, I collapsed the bottle in the manner of the tower, enabling a more complete compaction, removing almost all of the air.

I had been directly influenced by the programme, the image of the building collapse, the lump, the structure of the bottle.

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