At the age of 63 my mother made the most serious attempt to end her life. In shock but unaware of how serious her injuries were, I rushed to the hospital, as I arrived she was in a state of heavy sedation, having also took an overdose of painkillers and sleeping tablets. the doctor was removing her bandages and examining her slashed wrists.

I think I was numbed by the severity of the deep wounds, she had cut into her tendons, and as he probed and moved the flesh to check the bleeding had stopped, I had the image of mouths on her wrists imprinted in my mind, crying out, giving out her life blood.

(The Bee was a found object, desiccated after being trapped inside the packing of a fellow artists work. Self Harvest was displayed inside a perspex case and it added to the sense of entrapment, harvest time and suffocation. Whilst staring at the Bee I found myself transferring feelings about the sculpture's subject to the real Bee's situation)

  Self Harvest  

Self Harvest


Plaster, bronze, lip balm & Bee

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