An engineering company, local to both where I live and was studying, accepted my proposal for a corporate sculpture. I then assisted the company staff to fabricate the upper part of the sculpture. The concrete foundation block is also part of the work.

Having recently consolidated their business to new premises I wanted to illustrate this stage in the progression of the company's development.

The sculpture represents cutting the first sod of the new site, an excavator bucket tooth replacing the public notary, with a shovel. The tooth front faces are fabricated from plasma cut steel profiles representing two of the main company products, patented excavator buckets and couplers.

To the rear, exposed by 'the action of the work', the foundation block, cast to simulate the grooves left by an actual excavator bucket's teeth.

The sculpture is sited in front of MILLER UK Ltd, Bassington Industrial Estate, Cramlington, Northumberland

  First Cut  

First Cut


Core-ten Steel & concrete

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