Paul Richardson-Chute

ZOOM came to me in a flash, in the background of this page you will see the original sketch that I made at the moment of inspiration. I was thinking of genetics and DNA and the thought that on closer inspection within every individual is another smaller individual, albeit in genetic code. The matchsticks represent population, the NO FACE represents the anonymity of the crowd. I placed the smallest matchstick figure in the foreground of the sculpture and the rearmost figure appears to ZOOM in magnification. It is hard to embrace all levels of magnification in one perception, it is hard, if not impossible to see both the smallest and largest figure simultaneously. It is both about anonymity and facelessness. It is every person. The matchstick man is perhaps the most minimal representation of a human. Leonardo Da Vinci's The Vitruvian Man was a very early influence on me, L S Lowry's matchstick men paintings also represent anonymous populations (northern anonymity at that). ZOOM is also a representation of every person, every race.

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