Paul Richardson-Chute
Trying To Open Up (The Endless Waterfall)

I made this work over several years, in it's initial state it formed part of my Ba Hons Fine Art final show. However I felt that it was not resolved and I added further elements until I reached a point where I felt it fulfilled my statement. I also made two concrete works on the same subject.

I was a late beginner to Fine Art education, I was in the process of broadening my outlook, having my eyes opened and opening my mind, I wanted to relate this through a sculpture.

In the news at the time was the discovery of another original copy of the Waldseemuller Gores of 1507, a map of the globe flattened. I thought it represented my world. what I had been going through, not only was I trying to gain knowledge and insight I was also trying to express what was in my mind. The half uncurled, Corten steel, representation of the Waldseemuller map and the car jack represent this opening up and a raising of my awareness. I renamed the work The Endless Waterfall because this is an ongoing process of absorbtion and divulgation, giving out what one wishes to be heard. The teeth allude to this voice, to the mouth. the maquette and the original dental cast of my own teeth make the work personal, intimately revealing and restate the repetitive nature of the subject. The sides of the concrete plynth are angled so that it projects upward, the internal angles of the hollow project upward to my height.

Sadly, after moving studios, I no longer had the space to store this sculpture series, they were recycled in 2012. I still have both the carved and cast teeth and the small metal maquette.

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