Paul Richardson-Chute
The Loss Of Your Virginity Is The End Of Your Life

I am proposing that with every 'new' experience, with every loss of virginity, not just sexual, the zest of life evaporates. I aimed to reflect this within the sculpture and in the process. I injected red dye into the wet plaster as the block was being cast, introducing uncertainty of outcome and the pursuit of the finished figure, how the dye might affect the developing work was unknown at the outset it was both an investigation and an adventure of discovery. As it turned out the red dye was only barely visible on one of the breasts of the figure. I had expected, perhaps wanted a more dramatic, symbolic intrusion of the dye, but I think this is also a reflection of the reality of some new experiences. The walls of plaster surrounding the figure are only a millimetre or so thick, in the process of carving I couldn't avoid breaking the tissue of plaster. The metaphysical difference of new experience is not apparent.

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