Paul Richardson-Chute
Social and Self Isolation

I had completed the sculpture before the first Covid-19 lockdown in 2020, however, it became relevant to the personal and social restrictions imposed by the UK government that year to try and control the spread of the virus.

I was considering how, even when we are in social situations, the inner self, the thoughts, personal history, personality, the soul if you like, are contained within us. The otherwise wind blown and free dandelion seed represents the free individual, captive within the body, the recycled glass jar, able to observe, to breathe but not at liberty to move beyond it's confines. Unable to become a new and flourishing Dandelion plant. Dandelion in folklore are said to have mystical properties and spiritual meaning, in my childhood they were wishes, I also likened them to fairies.

Social and Self Isolation are dominated by the heavy presence of the recycled Mahogany window frames. Reconstituted as a window frame, with the glass jars as the window, I intended this, to add another layer of emphasis to the inaccessible world beyond.

The crushing oversized, prison like Self Isolation sits atop of Social Isolation.

The single jar and dandelion seed within the same scale of window frame as Social Isolation is overwhelmingly more claustrophobic by comparison.

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