Paul Richardson-Chute
Other Artworks

Brief description in clockwise order

Me Dad Had It (Mei Albas Abbatus Donum) 2005, I had a serious lung infection and was sent to the same cancer ward, where my father had been before he died, to have a special X Ray. While waiting I looked out the window and began to wonder about inherited illnesses.

Union State 2010, this work was made for an exhibition in the European Parliamant building in Brussels. I devised a set of rules which determined how the work evolved by the throw of a dice. It is a comment on the difficulties of governing so many states.

Rorschach Nosebleed 2007, I had a random nosebleed and reached for some tissues to stem the bloodflow. I had accidentally picked up two tissues at once in my haste. When I examined them they were almost identical, like two halves of a face. It is blood and tissue with my DNA a real self portrait.

Rough Equivelance 2012, idly pulling small chad-like pieces of paper from the ends of notepaper and doing the same with golden tassle threads from a cushion in my studio kitchen, I reckoned there was probably the same amount of both by the time I was finished. I mounted them on a piece of rusty metal from my studio.

Leek Wars (A Geordie Farce) 2010, is the artwork for the front cover of a book by a friend of mine, John Wilkinson (you can buy the book on Amazon). John is a working class writer, I admired that he achieved it, for many other reasons too.

Cartmel Green 2006, I used to live on Cartmel Green, in Newcastle upon Tyne, my mother's piano was multi coloured, if ever I wore a wig it would be like Cartmel's hair. A self Portrait.

Theory, Isn't It Ironic, Q.E.D. 2005, there was a girl from Mallorca and she left me for a wounded soldier.

Cavalier Reflections (Autumn) 2007-8, I was sitting in my flat watching the lovely patterns the sun made on my ceiling through my vertical blinds. I painted the first directly onto the ceiling, Autumn is the second in the series and was drawn and painted on a canvas mounted on the ceiling. The light was reflected sunlight off the sunroof of my car, a Vauxhall Cavalier, parked down below in the car park. It was painted over the months of Autumn as the sun was getting lower and lower in the sky.

Cavalier Reflections (Winter) 2007-8, created using the same method as Autumn.

Cavalier Reflections (Spring) 2007-13, I moved out of my flat before I was able to paint this while it was attached to the ceiling, I had drawn it out over the months of spring. I completed the work several years later in my current studio. I referenced colour from my environment during the time they were drawn.

Sadly the canvasses were never exhibited, I deconstructed the stretchers and created several smaller works from the originals

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