Paul Richardson-Chute

The Mutterland paintings are a development of the Der Deutsche Kopf series of paintings.

The present day map of Germany took it's form at the end of the second world war, this is including the division of the country into East and West Germany. In 2020 this map was 75 years old, I wanted to make reference to this anniversary. I had asked my mother, at the time she was aged 75, to pose for me so that I could use her portrait as the basis for the works. Florenz is named after her (Florence).

Within Florenz I also wanted to make reference to the first public exhibition of the Der Deutsche Kopf paintings in 2015 at the Rathaus of Gerlingen in Germany.

The frame of Florenz is made of 7 pieces representing her children (3)and grandchildren (4).

BRENDA and BRENDA 2 make reference to BREXIT. I was totally opposed to leaving the EU and felt very angry. Many of those in favour of Brexit appeared to have their reasoning framed by anger and , to me, they were given many public opportunities to vent that anger. The people who wished to remain and were angry about the situation did not seem to have a voice.

The red hair is my anger, the eyes are fixed on London, the centre of UK politics.

The scarf contains all of the flags of the nations of the EU except for the UK. The torn ear lobe is the violent removal of a treasured jewel.

The frame of BRENDA consists of 27 pieces each proportionate in size to the population of each nation within the EU, excepting the UK.

BRENDA 2 reflects the binary nature of the referendum question, YES/NO. The difference in expression is subtle, more serious, the shade of the painting is darker.

The frame is made of 27 pieces, each proportionate to the land mass of each of the nations within the EU, excepting the UK.


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