Paul Richardson-Chute
MUTTERLAND (Study For A Coin Head)

I had modelled a deep wax relief titled: MUTTERLAND 75, it was a test of the concept in three dimensions.

I then modelled a new relief, shallow enough so that it would reduce from full scale to the size of a coin. I was uncertain if it would translate into a coin with such a reduction but with the help of the team from AMAP at the University of Sunderland we pushed the limits of laser scanning and 3D printing and we were able to produce £2 and €2 sized 3D prints and a 7cm 3D printed medallion.

It is my earnest intention to make a proposal for the sculpture to be used as the head of either or both €2 and €1 German coins. Hence the title of the work: MUTTERLAND (A Study For A Coin Head).

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