Paul Richardson-Chute
Carbon Imprints

I began with the idea that we leave a mark as we go about our lives, be it on someone else's life or on the world in general.

I wanted to explore this idea and used the single pencil point imprint as to represent a day.

So for every day we are alive we leave a carbon imprint, we ourselves are a carbon based species.

The process is quite meditative and quite demanding of attention at the same time, two of the works are investigations in this sense, This Is What Happens.... and Untitled (Gerlingen Work).

Between The Sun The Moon and The Earth We Hammer Out Our Days contains as many carbon imprints as there were days in my life to the point of finishing the work. Life Expectancy (Seance) is made from the same number of carbon imprints in the period from my birth to my reaching the age of 72 (26,303 carbon imprints). When I was a young boy and first became aware of average life expectancy, 72 was the age that stuck in my mind as the average at that time.

The series of three works entitled One View Of The Affair are made from the number of carbon imprints which relate to the days in three of my significant relationships, I used watercolour imprints to acknowledge the emotions in the relationships.

As a footnote and in 2021 a recently relevant one, the Untitled (Gerlingen Work) was destroyed in a flood in the town of Gerlingen in Germany in 2010. The town art collection was held in a basement of the Rathaus (Town Hall) and it was completely flooded following a storm.

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